This website represents something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time — launch my own business as an educational media consultant, helping companies big and small create engaging, meaningful media for youth and families.

I recently launched as Carol Snider Educational Consulting, but then took a step back and decided to re-kindle a business, then called Sandcastle Designs, that was initially launched many years ago with a friend and cohort from Walt Disney Educational Media Company.  (Learn more about that on the About page.)  Sandcastle Designs focused on designing and developing classic educational media products for kids, with engaging graphics, solid educational focus, and immersive content.  I then went on to companies like Edmark, Educational Insights, and Humongous Entertainment, where I designed and developed quite a few media titles over the years…

And then, a few years ago, when a huge chunk of work in the educational media field seemed to just dry up and wither away and many of us had to look for jobs in other arenas, I ended up working as a Senior Technical and Marketing Project Manager at Microsoft (where I also focused on their educational media efforts every chance I got) and then as the Director of Professional Development for the Gottman Institute.

Both of those positions provided me with valuable additional expertise and experience… but I’m back!

I am currently working as Project Manager and Educational Specialist with a Canadian company, creating a computer game for grades K through 5 around early career development which, at this age, is comprised mostly of exploration and learning activities.  I’m having a blast, working with friends and cohorts who are as enthusiastic about this arena as I am.

I’ll be adding to this blog on a regular basis.  In the meantime, here are some links to posts on my personal blog that might provide some insight into my professional philosophies as well as give you a glimpse of my past experience. (And some are just fun!)

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