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“Toddl-ology” (Toddlers and technology)

This is Abby, my adorable 18-month-old neighbor, playing with my iPhone. No one ever taught her how to navigate around an iPhone; no one needed to.  Abby, like most children her age, figured out this technology by herself through innate … Continue reading

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Teaching cursive: Antiquated or still appropriate?

When I was in elementary school, third grade ushered in two significant events.  One was that recesses would now be spent in the Big Girls’ or the Big Boys’ yard instead of the Little Kids yard.  (Just when we started … Continue reading

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A peek into the very early years of Disney Interactive

During yesterday’s cleaning frenzy, I came upon this under my son Aleks’ bed: This is a relic from my very early career (the early 1980’s) when I designed educational software for a brand new, tiny — and definitely experimental — … Continue reading

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